Taking CBD - Oils, and Gummies, & Vape, Oh My!

Too many options make a decision nearly impossible. Right? Without a degree in pharmacology or a doctorate, understanding what is in CBD oils, gummies, or vapes is challenging to say the least. Isolate or full spectrum, terpenes or original, and then there are the endless choices of dosage - as little as 25 milligrams per 30 milliliters up to a whopping 5000 milligrams.

That’s more than 160 milligrams per dropper!

CBD Oil and Pain Relief

In recent months numerous studies have featured cannabidiol (CBD) oil for pain and their effect on pain relief to assist those suffering from chronic pain. Although quality studies in humans show a promising future, most are focused on animals at this time. Only recently have hemp derived CBD products grown in popularity and demand as research supporting the benefits of CBD oil for pain relief or chronic pain.

What Is A CBD Oil Tincture?

While today’s CBD oil ‘tinctures’ commonly contain a hemp derived compound combined with a suspension such as coconut (medium chain triglycerides or MTC) oil, traditional tinctures consist of medicinal herbs, cannabis or other, dissolved in alcohol. With CBD oil tinctures in particular, cannabidiol extracts are used, either an isolate containing exclusively CBD, a broad spectrum containing additional cannabinoids other than THC, or a full spectrum containing up to 0.3% THC.