What Is A CBD Oil Tincture?

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While today’s CBD oil ‘tinctures’ commonly contain a hemp derived compound combined with a suspension such as coconut (medium chain triglycerides or MTC) oil, traditional tinctures consist of medicinal herbs, cannabis or other, dissolved in alcohol. With CBD oil tinctures in particular, cannabidiol extracts are used, either an isolate containing exclusively CBD, a broad spectrum containing additional cannabinoids other than THC, or a full spectrum containing up to 0.3% THC.

Hemp derived CBD has grown in popularity primarily due to its potential medicinal properties as well as legalization across the nation as of the 2018 Farm Bill. When oil is extracted from the cannabis plant it must be processed to isolate the cannabinoids and eliminate THC to be legal CBD. Once the isolate is available, it is mixed with an oil, known as a suspension, most common being coconut or MCT oil, but one other options is hemp oil.

Traditional tinctures are often homemade and use some type of alcohol, with ethyl being the standard although everclear is also popular. After placing the entire plant (flower) into an airtight container with the alcohol, the concoction is agitated and left for a period of weeks, and viola, you have a potent tincture ready for use! What you put into your tincture will determine the qualities of the final product.

Normally, a tincture is used by placing the substance under the tongue (sublingual) and keeping the oil there for 30 seconds or more. CBD oil tinctures tend to be compromised and broken down by stomach acids, making full delivery close to impossible when swallowed. For ideal absorption, sublingual consumption is suggested for up to five minutes.

According to Wikipedia, a tincture is:

An extract of plant or animal material dissolved in ethanol (ethyl alcohol). Solvent concentrations of 25–60% are common, but may run as high as 90%. In chemistry, a tincture is a solution that has ethanol as its solvent. In herbal medicine, alcoholic tinctures are made with various ethanol concentrations, 20% being the most common1.

Now that CBD oils & tinctures are readily available to consumers, more and more could be experiencing relief from aches & pains, anxiety, and a simple path to well being. For more on how CBD oil tinctures could work for you, visit our articles.

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